The ease with which digital content can be shared online,

in addition to its many benefits, has created a host of

problems for todays high school and college students. All

too often, students are uploading, updating, posting and

publishing without giving a second thought to who might

see their content or how it might be perceived.

lol...OMG! provides a cautionary look at the many ways

that today's students are experiencing the unanticipated

negative consequences of their digital decisions from lost

job opportunities and denied college and graduate school

admissions to full-blown national scandals. It also

examines how technology is allowing students to bully one

another in new and disturbing ways, and why students are often crueler online than in person. By using real-life case studies and offering actionable strategies and best practices, this book empowers students to clean up and maintain a

positive online presence, and

to become responsible digital


Matt Ivester is a technology

entrepreneur born and raised

in Silicon Valley. He has

started a number of successful

companies but is best known for having created JuicyCampus.com, which was the largest college gossip website in the United States. Since closing down JuicyCampus, Matt has spoken on college campuses across the country covering such topics as ethical entrepreneurship, digital etiquette and online reputation management. He recently served as the Student Body Director of Digital Citizenship at Stanford University, where he was pursuing his Master of Business Administration with a focus on entrepreneurship (MBA '12). He graduated from Duke University in May 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Economics.

"Matt Ivester has written a guide to the opportunities and dangers of social networks and online behavior that will not only save reputations but literally save lives." - David Bohnett, Founder of GeoCities.com

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